Dinner With a Purpose

Can I have a word?

Dinner With a Purpose

I have been traveling the world for six years handing out Thousands of simple words or phrases to people AS A GIFT.

It is fascinating to see the reaction on people’s faces after they reach in my bag and randomly pick their word engraved on bamboo.

These words are a true form of communicating in an intimate and human way.

What I have discovered is that this A fun, simple way to Wake up and, get in touch with yourself, your friends and your family just by sitting down to dinner!

It is Simple yet so Profound!

Come together and experience Dinner with a Purpose..

Reach into your beautiful bag and pull out a bamboo tile, look at it and read it out loud. Discuss what it means to you!

For example, if someone chooses the word LOVE, it will automatically evoke different interpretations for every person at the table! By discussing what the word means to each person, a real line of communication is created.

And Children love Dinner With a Purpose!

Most children need a vehicle or object to speak through! You will be AMAZED at how they respond.

Dinner with a Purpose brings people together in a very intimate way.

Lisa Coltman: Dinner With a Purpose

This is for both young and old. It is fun, it absolutely works and it’s purposeful!

Have you been wanting an answer to how to get your family and friends to truly communicate again? This is IT!! Be part of the change!

I have created two styles of Dinner with a Purpose. Just pick the one that’s right for you.

You can hold a dinner party, cook an amazing meal for your family or, with the to-go kit, try this in your favorite restaurant!

Please enter your contact information in the form below for details on how get everything you need to begin your journey on rediscovering a new level of communication for a Better Way of Life.

This is Lisa Coltman saying Goodbye for now, until we all sit down together to enjoy Dinner With a Purpose.